1-Do not spend a penny to control disease even the treasure reserve of Hong Kong is rich enough

2-Do not release a mask to the citizens even the government holds an abundant stock

3-Submitted all the mask stock to the mainland China secretly, and told lies to the citizens

It makes few hundred people queuing every day for a limited and insufficient amount of masks being sold by a few chain stores.  Elderly queue overnight or several hours to buy masks, some of them cried and said they buy for their grandchildren, they do not want them to die as they are still young

4-Refuse to stop entry from the mainland China, and keep Hong Kong open as a shelter for the infected or potentially infected

5-Welcome all infected to come to use Hong Kong’s medical facilities, firstly free of charge, but later with charge after being strongly criticized

6-Do not provide enough medical / protective supplies to the frontline medical personnel and hospitals, but ask them to serve the infected

7-Assign isolation wards in buildings which are 100-200 meters away from densely populated residential areas

8-Ignore strikes by the frontline medical personnel, ignore people from all sorts of the society, all sort of political spectrums, medical professionals and academics who keep requesting the government to do protective measures immediately and prohibit entry from the mainland China


I do not think a normal people with brain will do these.  Not to mention the world's political leaders, even the head officials of small towns / cities / provinces in China realize the importance of preventing infected people from entering their areas.  Assumed that this bitch does have a brain, then what is the purpose? A revenge on Hong Kong people? A selfish personal agenda?

I can only see that Hong Kong people have been tortured for months.  Now, we have unprecedented confidence crisis.  Citizens believe there will be serious outbreak of coronavirus in Hong Kong from next week, because the around-14-days incubation period since Wuhan had sealed the city will end.  It means morbidity cases may dramatically increase.  The imported virus would then widely spread in the community, and Hong Kong will be the next China.

The SAR Hong Kong government does not protect us.  Okay, well, we need to save ourselves. Most families have stocked enough food and basic necessities. 9 out of 10 shelves of the most supermarkets are empty.  1 catty of vegetables needs HK$50, which is less then HK$10 normally.  I have also stocked some instant food which allows myself to stay at home without going out for 10 days.  Again, since I was born, I never did this.  Who makes this? 

ANS - a bitch, called Carrie Lam !