Company News

Free Gift - Disposable Medical Masks (limited editions)

15 October 2020

We will include TWO 2D or ONE 3D disposal medical mask(s) upon each dress ordered.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (2020) - Poon Choi Banquet

21 September 2020

Affected by Covid-19, our company did not go out to celebrate this year, but had a very delicious Poon Choi banquet...


Types of services currently available to overseas destinations under Covid-19 influence

1 September 2020


Satan Bitch HKSAR chief executive Carrie Lam

2 February 2020

Since I was born, I never feel Hong Kong is lacking resources.  We have developed to be a well-off society.  I never met a situation where I need something, but I cannot get it anywhere.  Have we changed to a developing world suddenly? Am I in Africa? Did our tax payers forget to pay tax so we are now being punished? It is all because of her...


Contingency Plan under the situation of outbreak of the New Coronavirus in China

31 January 2020

(updated on 13 Feb 2020) Due to the outbreak of the New Coronavirus originated from a central china city, Wuhan, all regions in the Mainland are being seriously affected.  Wuhan itself and its neighbor cities are completely “sealed”.  Hundreds of thousands of people died and get infected.  No medicines.  Seriously insufficient medical supplies... 


Fireworks outside my home on CNY

26 January 2020

It is mid-nite of 26 Jan 2020, the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year holidays...


Lady Liberty Hong Kong on Lion Rock

13 October 2019

Pro-democracy protesters hauled a four-metre statue known as Lady Liberty to the top of "Lion Rock Mountain", a famous Hong Kong mountain, on Sunday...


We have a very special Mid-Autumn festival in 2019 Hong Kong

13 September 2019

We have experienced a very special and touching Mid-Autumn this year.  It is rare for the public to sing together in a place.  It is also seldom that we sing the same songs...


May glory be to Hong Kong

9 September, 2019

Despite the social unrest in Hong Kong recently, our work routine is not affected.  We are located in suburb industrial area which has a distance from the city center...