Due to the outbreak of the New Coronavirus originated from a central china city, Wuhan, all regions in the Mainland are being seriously affected.  Wuhan itself and its neighbor cities are completely sealed.  Hundreds of thousands of people died and get infected.  No medicines.  Seriously insufficient medical supplies.  The majority of the Chinese citizens are innocent and have very low alert to the seriousness of the disease, because the China government has been concealing the facts, and keep its policy of strong internet control.  And the government never provides even one mask to its people, nor even one protective wear to a doctor.  Every individual province and city got to protect themselves by setting up road blocks and restrictions to prevent entry from outsiders, and internal public transport are completely stopped, there are largely increasing infected and dead cases throughout the country.

On Jan 30, the World Health Organization has declared the spread of the virus as a global emergency, as it continues to spread outside China.  Most international cases are in people who had been to Wuhan.  Many countries have now stopped international traffic to and from few regions of China, or the whole China.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, south-most part of China. Sales office is located in Hong Kong.  Our workers are mainly from Shenzhen and southwest China, who had travelled back to their home cities and spent the Lunar New Year holidays there.   But honestly speaking, we do not know how many staff can come back due to the complete suspension of public transportation.  We do not know how many of us can work as usual because we are being exposed to high risk of virus infection every day.  Hong Kong will probably have an outbreak very soon if the incapable government keeps refusing to prohibit entry from China.  The disease outbreak is unpredictable.  Government actions of China, as well as the international world, is also unpredictable.


As an individual citizen / enterprise,

-we got sincere help from our overseas customers, who helped us to purchase masks which are short of supply in the entire region

-Hong Kong side keeps reminding our China staff to stay home and wear masks, and how to wear masks correctly

-Hong Kong side keeps updating our China staff how serious the virus is, though they cannot access to true news in China

-as long as the air traffic to and from China and / or Hong Kong is not suspended, we will still be able to dispatch the parcels to our customers by using private courier companies like DHL, at no cost of the customers

-Shenzhen and Shanghai are 2 most important Chinese cities economically. So the government must try its greatest effort to prevent outbreak there.  So generally speaking, Shenzhen, where our factory is located, should be "safer" than the rest of the region.


If you might wish to place an order with us, please understand the production and delivery time cannot be predicted.  If you have placed an order, or decided to place an order regardless of the current situation, please check the schedule with us from time to time.  In order to thank for the great support, we will offer 5 % discount to customers who could accept a late delivery.

We hope you all GOOD HEALTH !