It is mid-nite of 26 Jan 2020, the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year holidays.  Rainy since few months ago.  The streets are extremely quiet with very few people. It is even quieter than normal days.  Most people in the streets are wearing mask.  It really does not look like a festive atmosphere.  Traditionally, we, Hong Kong, have firework performance on both sides of the Victoria Harbour on the second day every year, but, it is cancelled this year.  Because of the social unrest? Century-disease in China?

Opposite to where I live, there are many residential buildings.  And right behind these building, there are some village houses.  The villagers always do their fireworks celebration on big occasions.   Luckily, I can always share their happiness from a good view.  The fireworks do not last for long nor on a big scale, and in fact, it is illegal.   Anyway, no one cares.  It is healing for a moment.  The evil communist SAR government, the devil chief executive and her puppet, dump officials are trying to make Hong Kong bleed non-stop by refusing to stop entries from the mainland.  It is eventually lead to a potentially huge outbreak of disease among the citizens and a total collapse of our medical system.