We have experienced a very special and touching Mid-Autumn this year.  It is rare for the public to sing together in a place.  It is also seldom that we sing the same songs.  But since early September this year, we hear the same song every day in all districts.  September 13 is Mid-Autumn Festival.  Instead of seeing many electric lanterns or traditional lanterns, we see many paper lanterns on which we write our wishes, political demands and encouraging words.  Many of us even climbed up to the Lion Rock Hill and formed human chain with cellphone lights.  Lion Rock stands for Lion Rock Spirit, which is a symbol of the core value of HongKongers since 70s.  Lion Rock Spirit:  Work hard.  Never give up.

Although the real Hong Kong population has been largely diluted since 1997 hand-over, we believe this Lion Rock Spirit will last until the last person of these existing generations die.  And we sincerely wish the Lion Rock Spirit will be passed on to our children, the children of our children, and the children of the children of the children