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What kind of goods and service Dancedresspro provides?

Our products: Ballroom dance dresses, dance shirts and dance pants

According to the definition by World Dance Council (WDC), there are 10 international styles of ballroom dances:

Standard Dance

  • Waltz
  • Quickstep
  • Tango
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Foxtrot

Latin Dance

  • Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Jive
  • Paso Doble
  • Samba

In the United States, two additional variations are popular:

  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm

American Smooth and American Rhythm have many common elements with the International Standard and International Latin styles.  American Smooth Style includes waltz, tango, foxtrot and Viennese waltz.  This category loosely corresponds to the International Standard Ballroom.  However, the difference between American Smooth and International Standard is, the former allows open and separated figures, while the latter makes exclusive use of closed positions only.  American Rhythm style includes Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Bolero, Mambo.  Sometimes it may include Samba and West Coast Swing.  This category loosely corresponds to the International Latin Ballroom

Formation dance is a style of ballroom dancing, which is performed by a team of dancing couples.  These couples practice the same routines, and the overall pattern of their movements usually appear in such shapes (also known as patterns or images) as diamonds, squares, diagonals, circles and lines. The performance is judged by the distribution of dancers across the dance floor, how "notable" the patterns are and the transitions between these patterns.

We make dance dresses for dancers of all these dance styles. International Ballroom Standard dance dresses usually have big floats, which might not be suitable for American Smooth dance.  We can change the float styles, or remove the floats, at no extra cost.


Our services:

1) We make dance dresses according to the measurements of our customers

Customers choose a style from our catalog, and provide their measurements, we will reproduce the dresses made to their measurements.  Customer can also request a color change and minor design change.

2) We design and create matching accessories

We design and create matching accessories for our customers and their dance partners, using the same materials of their dresses, for example, hair accessories, earrings, etc



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Do you make juvenile dance dresses?


The WDSF Dress Regulations apply to all competitions granted by WDSF and according to the decision of the WDSF Annual General Meeting, form part of the competition rules of all WDSF Member bodies provided always that WDSF Member bodies may impose additional dress restrictions at their own discretion for national non-WDSFnamed events. The WDSF Dress Regulations are now an Appendix of the WDSF Competition Rules.

There are some limitations for juvenile dress, according to the above rules.  Dancers should consult with their teachers before attending to juvenile class / lower grade competitions.  We have listed out some major parts below:



* N/A (not allowed)

* Basic material, mean material which creates shape of the dress.  It can be decorated with light effects (metallic, glitter, sequins, etc) or without light effects

* Decoration means anything which is fixed on the basic material, hair and skin.  It can be with light effects (rhinestones, sequins, beads, pearls, etc) or without light effects (feathers, flowers, bows, fringe, lace applications, ribbons, etc).  Tie clips, studs, cufflinks, buckles are not defined as decorations.



Juveniles Male Dress


  • white plain long sleeved shirt or white / black only polo neck top
  • shiny or patterned materials – not allowed
  • shirt wing collar – not allowed
  • rolled up sleeves – not allowed
  • must be tucked in


  • shiny or patterned materials – not allowed
  • side satin stripe allowed

Juveniles Female Dress

Necklines – allowed cuts, others are not allowed:

Sleeves – allowed cuts, others are not allowed:


  • plain or pleated, made of minimum 1 to maximum 3 half circles – only allowed
  • one simple circular underskirt – allowed
  • bigger underskirt – not allowed
  • frills on the skirt or the underskirt, boning, soft boning or fishing line used in the hem of the skirt – not allowed
  • length must not be more than 10 cm above the knee and not longer than just below the knee cap
  • allowed cuts, others are not allowed:



  • new styles that are allowed.  Examples:


Other than senior / high grade competition dresses, we also make juvenile dresses for both male and female dancers.  We do not put many display models in the shop.  Customers can send us images, then we will reproduce according to their measurements.  For details and price estimation, please feel free to contact us.





What fabrics we use to make dance dress?

Spandex ( we call ”lycra” throughout this site) is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.  It is a polyether-polyurea copolymer.  Brand names for spandex include Lycra (commonly used in United States), Neolon(commonly used in Japan), Dorlastan(commonly used in Germany), etc.  China is also one of the biggest spandex manufacturers in the world.

It has significant strength, elasticity and ability to return to the original shape after stretching and of faster drying than ordinary fabrics.  It has been incorporated into a wide range of garments, especially in skin-tight garments.  It is not very commonly used in men's clothing, but prevalent in women's.  When it is used for clothing, it is usually mixed with cotton or polyester.  The types of garments which widely incorporate spandex include:


  • Belts
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Tights


  • Competitive Swimwear
  • Cycling Jersey's and Shorts
  • Exercise Apparel


  • Leotards
  • Rowing Unisuits
  • Triathlon Suits
  • Wetsuits
  • Zentai Suits
  • Woman wearing spandex leggings

Bottoms / Pants

  • Leggings
  • Shorts
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Ski Pants
  • Slacks
  • Yoga Pants

Compression Garments

  • Foundation Garments
  • Motion Capture Suits

Shaped Undergarments

  • Bras
  • Hosiery
  • Support Hose
  • Surgical Hose
  • Swimwear
  • Underwear

Since the upper part of all dance dresses, and almost all men's latin shirts, are made of lycra and/or other types of elastics fabrics, errors of 1-3 cm will not make difference.  And we will also try all possible ways to help customers in getting correct measurements, by double checking the measurements they submit, comparing them with customers' full body photo in case of doubts, etc.  Other than lycra, mesh is also widely used in dance dresses.  While skirt fabrics vary according to the fashions, designers' ideas, etc, such as organza, glass yarn, crystal organza, satin, chiffon, crinoline, etc.

Upon requests by customers, we will also use imported fabrics.  Price will vary according to the fabric amount.  Please contact us for details.



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Our craftsmanship ?

(mouse over to zoom)

What kind of rhinestones are used?

We are using Middle East stones as the default stone decoration for all of our gowns / decorations.

Many years ago, ballroom dance gowns were widely decorated with Korean stones.  SS20 was the most common and fundamental size being used. Dancers also used Swarovski crystals to decorate their gowns during high-level competitions.  As time went on, Korean stones faded out, because rhinestones of better quality and cheaper cost had been developed and widely used.  We call them “Middle East stones”

By calling them “Middle East stones”, it does not mean that they are manufactured in the Middle East countries, then imported to the Chinese market.  They are actually made in China, and has very fine and similar quality which could be compared with the Czech, Austrian crystals (i.e. Swarovski crystals are one of the Austrian crystals).  Below show major similarities and dissimilarities between Middle East stones and Swarovski crystals (#2028, SS20, flat-back, hot/non-hot fix)

1) Middle East stones have 10 well-defined facets with sharp edges to reflect spotlight effectively (Swarovski crystals have 14).

2) Middle East stones have smooth surfaces, the light will not scatter, and hense allow many sparkles.

3) Middle East AB also gives out rainbow colors.

4) Middle East stones are available in many colors and sizes too.  Nevertheless, ballroom dance gowns are mostly decorated with SS16, SS20, SS30, SS40 and SS50.

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please kindly note that there might be minor inaccuracy in the sizes among different production lots from time to time)

5) Middle East stones have the same packaging as the Swarovski counterparts:

  • i.e. 1 package = 10 grosses = 1,440 pieces
  • Loose packs are also available upon request.

6) The Middle East stones we use are all hot-fix, which are very user-friendly.  

7) Middle East stones are more affordable than Swarovski crystals.

Middle East stones are available for sale in our shop.  Please click our Rhinestones Catagory to have a look.


Is it possible to use other types of rhinestone decoration?

Yes.  We are pleased to replace the default rhinestones with Swarovski crystals upon customer request and at extra cost.  The costs of Swarovski crystals are:

(#2028 / SS20 / flat-back / hotfix or non-hotfix)

US$250 / 10G

US$330 / 15G

US$440 / 20G

US$600 / 30G

* over 30G, cost shall be subjected to further confirmation

* for wholesalers, multiple-purchase in one time, teachers (need to provide legal / valid proof and subjected to our final decision), costs are negotiable


(#2028 / SS30 / flat-back / hotfix or non-hotfix / all colors)

US$40 / 1G


(#2028 / SS40 / flat-back / hotfix or non-hotfix / AB only)

US$75 / 1G


(#2028 / SS40 / flat-back / hotfix or non-hotfix / Crystal only)

US$65 / 1G


(big-sized stones like water droplet or round or triangle or square)

Around US$5 each, but need to be confirmed upon inquiry


The cost of the Swarovski crystals will be added to the existing dress price after reducing US$5.  For example, if the listed price is US$300 including postage via registered airmail and Middle East stone decoration, then, the final price will be:

-Replace with 10G Swarovski crystals = US$300 – US$5 + US$250 = US$545 including postage via registered airmail

-Replace with 15G Swarovski crystals = US$300 – US$5 + US$330 = US$625 including postage via registered airmail

-Replace with 20G Swarovski crystals + 1 big sized crystal = US$300 – US$5 + US$440 + US$5 = US$740 including postage via registered airmail


We can also use BOTH Swarovski crystals and Middle East stones together upon request. 

For example, if the listed price is US$300 including postage via registered airmail and Middle East stone decoration, then, the final price will be:

-Add 10G Swarovski crystals = US$300 + US$250 = US$550 including postage via registered airmail

-Add 15G Swarovski crystals = US$300 + US$330 = US$630 including postage via registered airmail


Please specify the preferred quantity and color(s) during checkout.  Customers can select from the below color chart.  We shall confirm availability.  Or we can also determine the colors for customers.  If there might still be any doubts, please feel free to contact us any time.

(mouse over to zoom)

Source from www.Swarovski-professional.com



Do you make dress without stone decorations?


Customers can select a model from our shop, and tell us to remove stone decorations when they order.  We will quote a new price.

Customers can also send us images, then we will reproduce according to their measurements.  For details and price estimation, please feel free to contact us.

Do all your dance dresses come with built-in bodysuit and bra cups?

All our dance dresses are equipped with built-in bodysuit and chest pads unless customers request us to remove them.  Some designs, especially the latin models, might not have full bodysuit, but they will still come with underpants and chest pads.  The first image below shows a full bodysuit of our dresses.  We will not say the chest cushions as “bra cups”.  We rather say that they are “chest pads”.  They have no function as bras, and there is no cup-size classification.  They are all of fixed size, and we cut along the edge in order to make it more or less corresponding to customer’s size.  In general we will use the round shaped ones. In case that the breasts are relatively larger, we will use the bigger one in the second image.  If customers need a bigger support, customers might consider:

1) use plastics tape to hold the meat

2) pick up a dress where the backline is high enough to hide the bra straps, so that customers can wear bras

3) raise the backline of the dress which is a free service of ours, then customers can wear their own bras

4) use low-back converters, then customers can pick up a dress with lower backline and wear bras at the same time



(there might be variance with the actual products)



What are over-size and over-length surcharges?

We shall impose an over-size surcharge (US$10) and over-length surcharge (US$10) in some cases.  These surcharges do not imply such offensive meaning as the customer is too giant, the customer has measured wrongly, the body shape is odd, etc.  We will explain below why we need to charge these extra cost.

For example in case of a modern dance dress, over-size surcharge will be applicable if the bust is 102cm or bigger.  Over-length surcharge will be applicable if dress length is 140cm or longer.  We make our sample dresses based on the average sizes and heights of the majority of our customers.  Most of them are medium built, and no taller than 165cm.  Therefore the sizes of our sample dresses are mostly M ( 86.5cm – 66cm – 91.5cm ) and L ( 91.5cm – 71cm – 96.5cm), and dress length will fall in between 122cm – 134cm.  It makes the sample dresses easier to be sold locally, and look better on a mannequin.  The material cost, and hence, the listed price, are calculated accordingly to how much we need to make such dresses.

When we need to make a bigger dress, we will consume more materials like flower appliques, rhinestones, tassels, etc.  Putting them on the dress needs additional labour and time too. Postage will also be raised because of the additional fabrics and decorations.  We need a little remedy for our marginal profit, so we impose over-size surcharge when the bust measurement is 102cm or bigger.

We also impose over-length surcharge when the dress length is 140cm or longer.  We will explain by using a modern dance dress with triangular inserts as an example.  Please see the below 2 diagrams which are just very simple illustration, while there are many other considerations on-site.  All fabrics have fixed fabric width.  We normally try to make the maximum possible use of the fabrics by cutting the triangular inserts alternatively.  The fabric width is enough in most cases, so we do not need over-length surcharge.  Nevertheless, if the dress length is too long, and the fabric width is not enough to cut in this way, then we have to use another way, which is to turn the triangular inserts and cut them one by one. This way will use a lot more extra fabric, and therefore increase the production cost.  That is why we need to impose the over-length surcharge.

If the surface skirt is made of floral printed or specially printed fabrics, there will be more limitations:

1) Total dress length must not be longer than 127cm, most preferably, 124cm or shorter.  It is because the fabric width of these fabrics is normally smaller.  If customer finds this length not suitable for them, then she needs to switch to another model.

2) If customer loves the dress very much, and insists to have it done longer than 127cm, she could choose to pay over-length surcharge, then we will turn the triangular inserts and cut them off the fabric like the second diagram above.  HOWEVER, the surcharge will be US$40-US$55 in this case because this kind of fabrics is usually more expensive than normal fabrics.  Customer should tell us the exact model no. and the dress length she wishes to make, we will provide an exact quotation.

3) Nevertheless, in some cases where customer needs the dress to be done longer than 127cm, and is willing to pay the above surcharge (US$40-US$55), there could still be possibility that it cannot be done. Because some prints have well-defined up and down directions, while the others, not.  Please see the below samples. In the first pair of sample, the pattern does not change notably even the triangular inserts have been turned.  But in the second pair of sample, the up-and-down flowers will be horizontally arranged after the turn, which looks very odd.  We will therefore strongly suggest our customer to choose another model instead.



Do you offer discount?

Yes.  Over 10 pieces of tailor made competition dresses in one single purchase will be granted 20% off on the final bill, subject to terms and conditions *

Please understand that we have been providing the best quality at the largest amount within the listed price.  We cannot offer meaningful discounts.  Obviously, customers may doubt that why there are so many similar dresses on the market which are much cheaper than ours.  Below shows how to evaluate a dance dress (dresses #1 to #4 are made by other makers, NOT Dancedresspro.  Their prices are of lower, similar and higher levels than ours):

1) Stone density and stone varieties

Please see dress #2, the stone density is notably very low.  And stone color is AB only.

Then please see our sample dress, the scattered stones are of much higher density.  We do not only use SS20, we also use many other sizes, i.e. SS30, SS40, SS50 and big Korean stones.  All of our latest modern and latin dresses are decorated with over 25G and 20G SS20 middle east stones respectively or other sizes of the equivalent amount.  And we will not only use one single stone color.  We will use 2-5 stone colors at least in order to match the dress, flower appliques and other decorations.  Thanks to all of our in-house and long experienced designers, we can product special, unique and colorful dance dresses.

(mouse over to zoom)

2) Rhinestone pattern

Please see dress #4, and our sample dress on the right.  They are both latin dresses, and have mesh cut-in on the waist area.  Our dress is not only decorated with high density of rhinestones, it has designed pattern.

Dress #4 can be made by workers who are slightly trained, but our dresses can only be done by skillful workers and professional designers.


3) Rhinestone design

Please see dress #1, this dress has more stones than dresses #2 and #3, and there is also observable pattern.

While on our dress, there could be scattered stones, heaps of stones, designed stone lines made up of stones in different color(s) and size(s), which is even better than dress #1.  Besides, the combination of different fabrics and the use of matching flower appliques need more delicate sewing work and labour.


4) Flower appliques

Please see dress #3, it is decorated with flower appliques, but only a few.  And because budget has been spent on the flower appliques, the stone density has to be lowered.

While on our display dress, not to mention the stone amount, stone pattern design and more advance level of needlework, we use many more flower appliques.  And these are “knitted flower applique”, which is in general 10 times more expensive than those dyed flower applique. Knitted flower appliques are of high quality, soft, multi-colored and without color-off issue.


5) Craftsmanship

The pictures on the left are made by other makers of our kind. While the pictures on the right are our products.  Our workers are all good at delicate work and very concentrated even on little parts.

6) Human models

We do not employ human models to display our dresses.  Instead, we choose to spend this portion of resources on the products themselves.  We allocate a very big portion of money we get from our customers to employ professional designers, experienced workers and responsible staff, and on the use of materials of the best possible quality.


It is possible to find dresses with similar amount of stone density, similar flower applique and similar design in other places, but we are sure that the prices will not be as low as ours.  Dancedresspro guarantees our customers that their orders will be possessed by a very well-trained team of personnel, and they are paying for the best possible quality at the lowest price.



* Terms and conditions of the above discount:                                             

1. The discount is one-off

2. The parcel must be sent to the same address

3. Discount must be used immediately

4. It cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or promotions

5. Over-size surcharge and / or over-length surcharge (if applicable) will not be waived

6. Discounts are non-transferable

7. It cannot be redeemed for cash or used as cash

8. It cannot be used to exchange for equivalent goods or services

9. Dancedresspro will finally decide the shipping method (e.g. registered airmail, Speedpost or DHL, whichever is of lowest cost)

10. Combined shipment is necessary.

11. Responsibilities for all expenses (if any) or documents required after the parcel has arrived the destination are all borne by the recipient.



How to wash dance dress?

Put it into natural / cool water without twisting nor cleaning detergents.  Absorb the water with a big towel, then lay it flat to dry.  Please note that the stone decoration will become less adhesive after each wash.  Cleaning detergents will change the texture of the surface of the flower appliques, crystals will fall off notably after washing, especially from the flower appliques.

It is recommended not to wash the gowns unless they have very apparent stains.  If they start to smell strange, put them under strong sun and in fresh air for a while, then spray with some perfumes.

Can I use a credit card?

We accept Paypal payments / e-cheque.

Paypal offers a very convenient and secure way to make instant payments online.  It requires no charges from the buyer’s end.  Customers can register easily at www.paypal.com.  Upon registration, customers shall link a funding source (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, etc) to their paypal accounts. Paypal supports nearly all types of cards.

How can I pay if my currency is not US dollar?

US dollar is the primary currency of transaction in this shop.  We might also accept HK dollars, Pounds sterling, Euros upon request.  The exchange rate will be based on the rate of the request date.

We regret that we currently do not accept currencies other than US dollar, HK dollar, Pounds Sterling and Euros.  If customer’s credit / debit card is not denominated in the above mentioned currencies, the final price will be calculated in accordance with the listed exchange rate on the day his / her card issuer processes the transaction.

How long does it take to make a gown?

Please see our “Delivery”.

Is it possible to change the color(s)?

Yes, it is possible in most cases of the ladies’ dresses and men’s latin shirts.  No additional charges are needed.  Please see our color swatches here.

Please kindly note that black is the only color for men’s Tailsuits, Modern Dance suits, vests and pants.

Is it possible to change the design and / or cutting?

Please specify what and how we should change.  We will confirm if these change requests can be done after checking with our designers and tailors.  Depending on the complexity, extra materials needed, etc, additional charges might incur.

Is it possible to make a dress based on the design / draft / images provided by customers?

Yes.  We can copy a dress from the source provided by customers.  Customers must provide clear image files of full front and back views, as well as close-up of the dress . The clearer the images, the more similar we can copy.  However, we do not copy from drafts of any kinds nor a moving object (i.e. video).  After seeing the dress images, we will suggest customers how to make the dress, and what fabrics, materials or decorations to be used.  And after they have agreed on the details, we will provide a quotation.  Please contact us for a quotation.

Can I try on before I buy?

Sorry, we are an online shop.  We do not have a physical store.  We cannot offer fitting service.

Our tailors have long years of expertise in this field, there is almost no size issue throughout these years, unless the measurements provided by the customers are not accurate.

So customers shall ensure the measurements they provide are accurate. They are suggested to be measured by a local tailor if they are unsure.  Since the upper part of all dance dresses, and almost all men’s latin shirts, are made of lycra and/or other types of elastics fabrics, errors of 1-3 cm will not make difference. And we will also try all possible ways to help customers in getting correct measurements, by double checking the measurements they submit, comparing them with customers’ full body photo in case of doubts, etc.

Where to get a measurement chart?

Customers can download measurement charts here.

What are the specifications of the standard sizes of Dancedresspro (for ready-made gowns)?








Sleeve length (if any)








50 - 53








50 - 53








50 - 53



Is it possible to arrange combined shipment?

Yes, we can arrange Speedpost (EMS) and DHL combined shipments.

But it may not be possible to do so for parcels being sent via registered airmail offered by post office, because there is a weight limitation of 2KG.  Normally, a latin dress has a weight of 0.7-1.5kg, while a modern dress has a weight of over 1kg.  A combined shipment of 2 gowns must exceed the limit.  Men’s latin shirts and pants are lighter in weight, combined shipment could be possible in many cases.

How to track shipment?

Customers, using registered airmail / Speedpost(EMS), can check the shipment status at Hong Kong Post Office website:

Customers, using DHL, can check the shipment status at:

Is refund possible?

Please see our “Returns”.

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