How to order

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is one of the safest and quickest way to make online transactions in any currencies at your greatest convenience.  It allows the use of credit cards and bank transfers to make payments online to local or overseas sellers.  Registration and sending money is totally free for buyers.

Belows are the procedures:

-Email us an inquiry, confirm product / materials / color availability.  You need to specify the model#, stone preference, and other requests (if any), preferred shipping method, and the email address which operates your Paypal account.

-Prices of old models are not updated.  Currency exchange rates fluctuate from time to time.  Surcharges for Express delivery vary from case to case.  All prices will be subject to our final confirmation !  Please check prices with us before the purchase.

-After knowing what you want to purchase, we will send you a Paypal invoice, as well as a customized measurement chart in return

-Log in Paypal as an existing or new user

-Make sure you are a verified user.  If you are not, pls contact local Paypal hotline.  We will not accept payment / order from unverified paypal user.  2% service charge will be deducted in prior of the refund. All service charges are non-refundable.

-We accept US dollars only

After we have got a cleared payment and the measurement chart, we will start making the dress.  It usually takes 10-14 working days for the production.  It takes longer before or during Chinese public holidays. 

After knowing what you want to purchase, we will email you a customized measurement chart.  You do not need to download it from here.  But if you wish to take a look what kind of data you need to submit, you could still get the chart here (Microsoft Word file)

Please note we do not accept PDF, graphics files, internet links.  Customers need to fill in the customized chart and email it back to us as email attachment in Microsoft Word format.