Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my dress turn out to be exactly the same as the original?  Can I change the colors / materials / decorations / designs? 

Yes, you can change the colors at no cost.  In case of fabrics changes, we need to re-estimate the cost and price.  If you want to modify the design, we will estimate the complexity and feasibility, if we cannot make it, we will accept the order.  If not, we will recommend you to pick up another model.  

Please kindly understand that there might be color variance with the actual fabrics and among different component materials, as well as individual computer screen.  There might be also a slight color variance between the old and newly made fabrics.

Please kindly understand that all decorations including flower appliques  / stone pattern / tassels / feathers / sequins / neck / arm accessories (if any) will vary during production.  Once the current stock is used up, we will use new ones.  Furthermore, materials, like tassels / fringes / flower appliques, etc, all need to be dyed.   We will dye them to the nearest possible shade.  Nevertheless, they might not come out in the exact shade as the original model color every time.   All of our dresses are hand-made, NOT machine-made, those decorations will be placed manually in the nearest possible positions as of the original model.  If you are sensitive regarding those decorations, please make a plain dress, and we will send you the stones and flower appliques, then you could re-allocate them according to your preference.    

Selection of colors, click here



If I like none of  your designs, can you make me a dress of my own design, selected colors and materials?  How much is it?

Yes, we could tailor make a dress of your design.  But we will not copy from a hand-drawing or a moving object (i.e. video).  Customers need to send us clear pictures with front and back views.  We will check with our designers.   We try our best to copy as much as we can understand and do.  The cost is subject to the complexity of the design and the materials used.  We will send a draft beforehand.  Please email us for a quotation. 

Here are some samples of our work:


Is all dancewear sewed with bodysuit?

Yes.  In all competition dance dresses, there must equip bodysuit.  But in few cases, e.g. swim-suit style, etc, there is none.


Can I decide the pattern and position of the rhinestones, feather and other decorations of my dancewear?  If so, any additional charges?

No. We will recommend them to make a plain dress, and we will send them all the stones and flower appliques, then customers can allocated the decorations in  her own preferred manner.


Can I wash my dancewear?

Yes.  Please visit here for details. 



How to place order

How can I make payment?

Please visit here for details.


Other payment methods?

We accept payment via Paypal only.   Please verify the Paypal account before ordering.

Please note that we will ship to the address stated at Payapl ONLY.   If you want us to send to the address you prefer, you MUST select the appropriate address when you are making payment.  Regarding how to select the shipping address, please check directly with Paypal.



Can I cancel my order?

Yes.  Customers could cancel the order request anytime before the production starts.


Do you have discount?


> Free DHL delivery upgrade will be offered in case of mulitipe purchase (i.e. 2 pieces or more) in one time. But it may not applicable to some regions. Please check with us in advance. 

> In bulk purchase of 5 pieces or above, over-length (US$10) and over-size (US$10) surcharges will be waived.  Plus free DHL upgrade.

> In bulk purchase of 8 pieces or above, we could offer up to 3% discount.  Over-length (US$10) and over-size (US$10) surcharges will be waived.  Plus free DHL upgrade.

>  In bulk purchase of 10 pieces or above, discount rate will be negotiable.  Over-length (US$10) and over-size (US$10) surcharges will be waived.  Plus free DHL upgrade.

> Cash Coupon Incentive.  Details can be view here.



What is your Privacy Policy?

All customer information will not be disclosed to a third party.  We may contact the customers ONLY regarding the relevant transaction.




How long do you take to make a dress?

Upon a cleared payment and receipt of the complete / accurate measurement chart, we will start to make the dress.  

Production of tailor made dance dresses takes around 10-14 working days.   Models of heavy tassels, fringe, feather and sequin work  , and with Swarovski crystals, will take longer time.  Though we will try our best to get it done as soon as we could, in case of quality problem, etc, we need longer time to fix it  before we can ship out the item .   It will take longer time before / during / after our main big holidays, like X'mas, Chinese New Year, Easter, golden week / Labour's Day, Golden week, etc

And customs made products cannnot be rushed.  If you have a tight schedule, you should have a better plan, but not urging the makers to rush. In order to avoid bad things happened on your show day, the thing you can do is:
1) upgrade the delivery to Speedpost or DHL at your cost
2) prepare a backup gown at a local shop, just in case the captioned one doesn't come up in time.   


Do you provide tracking no.? 

The basic dress price ALREADY includes registered international airmail with tracking no.   DHL express delivery can also be arranged upon request and at extra cost.  You need to provide the country and postal code for us to check.  Once the parcels have been dispatched, we will send customers email notification with tracking no.


Will I be informed when the parcel has been dispatched? 

Yes, after the dress is done, we will email you the pictures of the finished dress for approval.  Then we will send it out within 12 working hours, and provide tracking no.


How long does it take for the parcel to reach me?

Registered mail, which is included in the price, takes usually 7-14 working days to reach most major part of the world depending on the buyer's accessibility and post service of the local areas.  In some extreme cases, for instant,  under the prevailing situation of the bad weather and heavy snow, heavy rainstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic ash, strict terror check,  flight delays and cancellation, X'mas post traffic jam, etc, delivery time might be longer and cannot be estimated.

Upgrade to DHL express delivery will be at extra cost.   Surcharge varies from one location to another, as well as the parcel weight. We will quote you the price after knowing the exact shipping address (country and postal code).    

It takes normally 1 - 2 working days for DHL to delivery to most U.S. / Asian locations.  Please note that this is ONLY an estimation.  The actual arrival schedule will be subject to the efficiency of the delivery agent and post service of local areas , and weather .    

Pls note all possible costs incurred on the customer's side (i.e. local transportation cost during pick up, import taxes, customs duties, etc) will be at buyer's expenses.


 If I do not receive my parcel, what can I do?

For registered mail, customers can check it directly at the website of our post offices, please click here.   For DHL, please kindly check here.



Returns and Refund

Do you have return policy? 

We have a well-defined refund policy which allow customers at different stages of the purchase to absort the transactions:


Scenario One - after payment but before production

> We will arrange full refund regardless of reason


Scenario Two - after production has been started (customers will receive an order confirmation informing the start of the production)

> We could arrange up to 70% regardless of reason


Scenario Three - after the dress has been done but before dispatch

> We could arrange up to 50% regardless of reason


Scenario Four - customers find misfit in size and major / un-repairable defects

>  We will arrange full refund after deducting our postage fee(s).  And customers need to return us the dress at their expenses.



Both written claim and return must be done within 3 calendar days after the parcel has been received by the customers. And the customers need to return the dress in good condition, and at their expenses. A tracking no. must be provided to us in order to prove that the parcel has been sent out. The returned parcel must be received in our place within 20 calendar days from the return date. And after we have checked that everything is in good condition, refund will be made after deducting our postage fee(s).


Scenario Five - official notification from the local post office stating that the parcel has been lost

> We will arrange full refund after deducting our postage fee(s).


Other Questions :

Still in doubt?  Please click here.